Monday 23 March 2009

Roy of the Rovers Monthly issue 6

I've been pleasantly surprised by the level of interest in my Roy of the Rovers post, so I'm posting a whole episode and cover - Issue 6 from February 1994. Comic art's all well and good, but comics aren't really comics if you can't read them. Comic art always suggests that the artwork has a life independent of the script - I'm not so sure, I like to see the words and pictures hand in hand. So here is an unabridged episode from Roy of the Rovers monthly, warts and all. And that last page is one major wart *cringe* I can't believe I'm putting it on this blog. Still the fact I'm posting it is proof that story is what matters to me.

And this cover is another example of strange football action - here we see disgruntled teen football star kicking a coke can down the street, sulking. The homeless guy in the funny hat was originally hidden by the free stickers that came with this issue. What a jolly surprise the kids got when the pulled off the free gift!


james corcoran said...

There's some nice panels here Rob I really like the black and white panel

Best wishes James

WJC said...

I really enjoyed these last couple of posts, though I admit that RotR went under my radar i may now have to have another look. In my foolish youth the Subject ruled and Roy didn't have enough monsters, spaceships or guns. Looking at the storytelling here now, i realise i missed out.

Darren Price said...

Oh my God! I loved this issue as this was the issue that pretty much set up the detailed history of the Race family.

The scary thing is.... 1994!!!! Was it really 15 years ago?!?!?!

Now I'm feeling really old!

StrKav said...

Thanks for this Rob! Excellent work, indeed...

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