Wednesday 25 January 2012

Don Quixote cover designs

Just had the cover design for Don Quixote Volume II approved. It was my first idea. Last time I went through loads of ideas before settling on one. Here are some of them...

Saturday 7 January 2012

Doctor Who does Narnia

Happy new year folks. Sorry about the lack of bloggery here. Hope you had a good christmas. I finally caught up with the now traditional Christmas Doctor who (opinions on twitter as ever). Amusing to see the TV version do a Narnia style story exactly a year after Johnny Morris's Narnia christmas strip that I drew which featured in the Magazine. I realise there is no connection, the writer never reads the comic strips.

Here's the first 7 pages of our strip The Professor, The Witch and The Bookshop (sans lettering). It serves as a reminder that the DWM comic strips will be collected in Graphic Novel form again this year, starting with the Crimson Hand written by Dazzling Dan McDaid.

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