Tuesday 17 March 2009


Finished my latest HUZZAH this morning, here's a panel from it. Inked in Manga Studio. Like many comic artists I'm never content with my inks so I was eager to try out this software. Gave me the opportunity to try some wild brushwork on this strip which suits the action sequences. looking forward to using it on Dinlos in the coming weeks as it should speed up the pages and stop me fiddling endlessly in photoshop. Watch this space.


james corcoran said...

"RAAAAAHH!!" indeed your latest page is superb i especially like these fearsome creatures, were they based on anything in particular

Rob Davis said...

Not based on anything really. Done too quickly for any design work, that's just how they came out. Probably some subconscious influence from one of my usual sources I expect - Kev O'Neill, Moebius etc.

Liked the end of your Space Story btw. I love pact with the devil stories. Nice.

james corcoran said...

Your too kind! I rather fear the original idea was better than the execution,I'll be posting a retro sci-fi story over the next few days now that I've got a better handle on what I'm doing.Look forward to some more Dinlos soon

Best wishes James

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