Tuesday 24 March 2009

Manga Studio inks

These are two examples of the cover inks for a series of kids' books I'm illustrating. They were done in Manga Studio which has freed up my line and sped up my work rate. Comic drawing is not the best way to make a fortune, so it's necessary to find a way of turning out pages at a reasonable pace. I'm hoping this software will speed up my strip work allowing me to take on more strips.


Ade Salmon said...

Rob - which Manga studio are you usin'? Damn nice pictures here.


Rob Davis said...

Hi Ade

It's ex4, and very nice it is too - puts wheels on your inking. Definitely worth the money, I think mine's paid for itself already in the time I've saved on the book I'm doing.

Ade Salmon said...

Thanks Rob - figured it might. Wasn't sure what the cheaper option offered in contrast. Btw - the Dalek pic over at Zulubooks is cracking.


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