Wednesday 25 March 2009

Lost Count

A Voldarian comes to Count Khadari's rescue

I haven't quite lost count of how many HUZZAHs I've done, but I find it hard to resist when the opportunity arrives. It has to fit in between work and fortunately yesterday I was waiting for approval on some illustrations and so had the chance. 

For anyone who's following the story (God bless you!) it seems like we're approaching the end to many of the storylines that we set out with on Voldar. The first chapter established a prison planet, Voldar, with no visible prisoners, a Galaxy ruled by a mysterious Glass Tsar, a terrible infant monster kept in the prison and crashed ship containing a warrior, Zhadira, and a thief, Pample. 

We got our first glimpse of the space witch (AKA The Hexen Definitive) in chapter one and in chapter two we saw the witch possess a rebellious sightseer, Durante and direct her to Voldar.

Chapter 3 introduces the Baron, an ancient space knight on an ancient quest. His quest we discover is to find the true heir to the Glass Tsar's empire. The infant was hidden in the stomach of a monster called Xog by a secret sect know as the Sisters. The child is preserved inside a remote womb, this device instantly transports the Baron to Voldar.

So what's happening on Voldar? Zhadira is there to rescue her father, Count Khadari (who is imprisoned there) Durante is being guided by the Hexen Definitive to search for the baby she thought dead (she is the mother of the true heir to the Glass Tsar's empire) and below the surface a monstrous heir has been created. 

Into this comes the Baron with the true heir under his arm.

Which brings us up to date - the Baron, in the clutches of the monstrous heir, drops the true heir into its mouth. The two become one Gestalt heir and its evil noise rips the surface of the planet apart. 

And here's where the true nature of the Prison planet is revealed - Voldar is an entire planet imprisoned beneath a vast crust and a network of restraining bolts. As the bolts lose their hold and the surface breaks apart it releases the real prisoners...


Unknown said...

Thanks for that, Rob, a summary is always most useful especially when it comes to a venture like Huzzah.

You missed out a 't' in 'gestalt'.

D.TAYLOR said...

Cheers for doing this Rob. Clears things up nicely.

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