Wednesday 13 May 2009

Where have all the Dinlos gone?

I keep promising that I'll get back to Dinlos, but I just seem to be swimming against a tide of my own ambition. I have so many projects either up and running, with publishers, in development or just rattling around in my head that Dinlos has slipped down the pecking order this year. 

However it is still inching along. After doing that bunch of pages last year I realised that the heavily textured style was far too time consuming for an entire novel, so I'm going to keep that style just for Kackernory and instead I'll be using a flatter two colour process for the rest - more in keeping with the 1970s annuals that the book aims to imitate really. Above is an early experiment in redoing H.G.Smells. 

How much I get done this year will depend on the success of my other projects, so if you see a lot of Dinlos suddenly appear on here you can safely assume that the other projects have all gone tits.


james corcoran said...

Hello Rob

Really loved the Dinlos strips and especially H.G, really hope we see more soon though not obviously to the detriment of your other projects, if only H.G could find a way to clone you then maybe you could get them all done!

Best wishes James

paulhd said...

Obviously a tit's up situation would be big bad.... but still, more Dinlos would be most welcome. Really like the colour tone - red was always my fave extra colour, used to love the Red Wrecker in The Dandy.

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