Tuesday 26 May 2009


Here's this month's Doctor Who magazine illo, third in the series of McCoy pics. I know I put this up before, but I was a bit premature as the issue wasn't out yet. Anyway, here it is back again with the 'how to do it in three easy stages' bit below.

Stage one was my first scribble which in a break from tradition actually worked and seemed to fit the brief. I was asked to include Sylvester McCoy's Doctor and the charge of light brigade, not something that immediately seemed suitable to my simplified vector style.

Stage two was another more detailed rough which I submitted for approval. I scanned this rough at 400 dpi and brought into photoshop.

Stage three - I did some tighter drawing in photoshop, resolving figure drawing and gestures then began clicking away with vectors making these cut-out shapes. Afterwards I added a little texture with a brush tool.

1 comment:

Ade Salmon said...

This was great the first time out of the paddock Rob! So anymore Who illos to come ?!


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