Monday 25 May 2009

Draw Serge

This was a very quick sketch I did this morning for Draw Serge, a blog started by Jonathan Edwards where the idea is that artists... erm... draw Serge. The great Serge Gainsbourg that is.

After I spent the weekend putting up stud walls and plastering I found that my hands were really clumsy this morning, I felt like a gorilla threading a needle when I started trying to draw, and - given that Serge looks like his face was drawn with clumsy hand - I thought doing a sketch of him would be a great way to start the day. I found some photo ref and then gave myself half an hour to do it.

Great idea for a blog, I look forward to seeing what everyone else does. And if you haven't ever bothered to explore the wonder of Serge Gainsbroug's music then do yourself a favour let this be where you start.

1 comment:

james corcoran said...

cracking stuff Rob!

You've really captured his rough charm and roaming eyes.

Best wishes James

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