Wednesday 8 April 2009

Third Seventh Doctor illustration

This post will be returning next month. :-)


sam hearn said...

Very much like your stuff Rob. Huzzah stuff especially ( how i saw your blog ) - these process explanations are so interesting to read through. Best wishes.

Ade Salmon said...

I can't help thinking it would of been quicker to do a tighter layout first in pencil. Sometimes technology isn't the fastest route! Lovely pic Rob - the final piece of your McCoy trilogy you say? Looking forward to the strips - one for the Storybook I'm guessing - the other for the ongoing. Are you colouring yourself or is time a factor?


Rob Davis said...

Cheers Sam.

Ade- I think the trouble is that my approach is geared to Illustrator where i just freehand the whole thing. It's a real plod in photoshop - maybe i ought to read the instructions sometime! No idea about the colour on either strip, if I have the time I'd like to do the colour for both. Depends what comes up in the next few weeks.
You doing something for the Storybook? saw you stuff in Torchwood mag. Very nice. Did you pitch for the strip?

Ade Salmon said...

Not been contacted about the Storybook - we'll see. Re Torchwood - see your inbox.

Fascinated to see how you are essentially constructing the picture using Illustrator - drawing it live. Exciting things can happen that way and disasters !


WJC said...

Fantastic work Rob. Always love the hussar/ dragoon character, always good in an image.

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