Friday, 10 April 2009


HUZZAH!! now has a little sibling - HUZZAH!! NOIR. I just managed to do two pages to take us up to page four. Some of the same comic creators from the other HUZZAH feature in this one - Ian Culbard, Dave Taylor, Colin Fawcett, Faz Choudhury, Paul Harrison Davies and me, plus we have  been joined by the very talented Shane Oakley, Sean Longcroft and Dave Shelton. Hopefully we'll add one or two more to the list before the end of the month.

As the title suggests this HUZZAH is set in the world of Film Noir and hard-boiled fiction. This may not immediately seem as well suited to the round robin format as the way-out world of the space epic, but I have high hopes that this may work even better. For a start the setting is more limited and the black and white look more uniform. That's already evident if you compare the first 4 pages of this HUZZAH with the other. By page 4 of HUZZAH we'd already met a whole host of characters and settings with more random ideas than you could shake a science fiction stick at. The Noir version focusses on just one man and his thoughts.

In the two pages I've just done the man is revealed to be Sleepy Jackson, a sauntering ex-boxer searching for his wife/girlfriend. He first appears on Ian's page one, we hear his narrative thoughts - he was once fearless, now all that has changed, now he has reason to fear. Paul took it on and revealed that someone had been taken from him, someone he cared about. 

The thing that struck me about him was that he looked like a real bruiser and yet appeared to have an office desk, kind of a private eye set up, so I stitched the two contradictory elements together to make Sleepy Jackson. Still waters run deep with this fella.

Jackson's search for his gal has led him into some dodgy company, can't wait to see where Faz takes us next...

(and, yeah I got the name from the Aussie band.)


Ade Salmon said...

Y'know what - they should bring back Robo Hunter and YOU should draw it Rob! Frack these are a bit good or what? That shot of the lift closing - frackin' show -off! :)


Rob Davis said...

I had such fun doing it. Took a day out of my schedule reminded myself why I love comics. Bit whacked when I got to the last panel, I aimed to get rather a lot done.

I think Robo Hunter is now a girl, still drawn by art God Gibson, though his colour style isn't a patch on the mind boggling black and white stuff he did for the old Robo Hunter, Halo Jones etc.

Wouldn't mind writing it as well!

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