Saturday 13 December 2008

More Dinlos

Here are a couple of images from two other Dinlos stories. The top one is a panel from page two of Family Pet. The thing is called Pet, the girl is called Petula, her Mum runs a hairdressers - what more do you need to know? The other one is a sketch of Carcrashman, a kind of a superhero-ish cross between Jeremy Clarkson and Sebastian Dangerfield - a twat with an education, a love of cars and a drink problem. 

I was going to stick them up as they were until I realised there was a shortage of colour on here, so now there is some red. The Carcrashman* pic looked a bit blank so I put a few lines from the story on there.

*Apologies to Scott Gray if this seems a bit insensitive, just dawned on me then. And if you are reading this Scott, I hope you make a swift recovery. 


Colin Lorimer said...

Hey Rob came here via WJC's Blog.

Great piece on Michael Charlton from earlier in your blog - couldn't agree more - fantastic artist.

I always had felt that the Louis Le Brocquy illustrations for The Táin captured exactly what Michael pointed out: "so unforced, that it could just as easily be a spill from an ink bottle or a stream of smoke"


Rob Davis said...

The 'army massing' image that used to be on the cover of The Tain was always an influence on me. And I agree the spots illos inside are a perfect example of what Mike was talking about. I love the 'Medb pissing' one.

I. N. J. Culbard said...


james corcoran said...

The Immaculate cunt! indeed I'd love to see that sat on the shelves of comic stores nationwide, soon to be followed with tabloid cries of "Ban this filth!" Seriously the red really makes the image pop out.Hope we can see more of him soon.

Best wishes James

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