Tuesday 23 December 2008

Long John B*****

Page Three. That's the end of that chapter - I'm afraid I'll have to leave H.G.'s adventures hanging in the air there for a while. I hope to get a couple more pages done (Family Pet) before the end of the month and show the project to a few people before I start on a three month four book illustration marathon.
I will of course be doing research into dysfunctional family gatherings over the next few days, so I'll still be working on Dinlos and Skilldos. 

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Unknown said...

Rob, hope you've been having an excellent Xmas. Another lovely page, the whole thing feels so, so...solid, that 4th panel in particular. The shadows and the texturing works so well and comes together in a wonderful way on the last panel.

And now we have to wait for more H.G? Bah.

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