Sunday 9 November 2008

On the ropes

Sunday - I've just spent the morning finishing off page two of The Lightning Fist (one page to go), now I'll spend the afternoon doing the Doctor Who spot art (the deadline is tomorrow). The last two panels here may be a bit rushed, or it may be that I'm just picking fault with the page now it's finished. I often think I'm doing something brilliant when I've got my head down working only to decide I'm actually a talentless fraud when the job is finished. Guess that's the fragile ego of the artist.


I. N. J. Culbard said...

Great art, but how are the last two panels rushed? Loved the brush line in the shoulder of the third to last panel. It looks like a slab of shoulder muscle.

I reckon there are parts of the Sistine chapel that Michelangelo thought were rushed, but you wouldn't know where the hell to look, right?

Rob Davis said...

Did Michelangelo have to draw Colin Baker on a Sunday afternoon??? Nah! I'm tellin' y' - that guy had it easy!

Unknown said...

Yup, it's great stuff. Those last two panels are just fine, Jesus' face in the penultimate panel is excellent. That first panel is beautifully composed and I very much like the way Jesus is lounging on the ropes.

james corcoran said...

Hello Rob

Love the first panel and in no way do any of the others look rushed!The strip itself looks like it'll be fun.

Best wishes

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