Tuesday 2 December 2008

The Lightning Fist

Finally found time to do page three this weekend. I was due to have a week away from paying jobs to concentrate on getting some pages of Dinlos done, sadly that week got crushed by deadlines. 

Anyhow... this is a completed strip for Dinlos and I'm fairly happy with it. It stands up on it's own as a three page strip and I think will work well as a chapter of the novel. I'm striving for a balance between immediacy and the kind of depth that a novel offers. Hopefully this strip tells its story at a glance, but will also reward closer examination as part of the novel. Well, that's the plan anyway!

Worst case scenario - it's some funny pictures and strange words. No harm in that, eh?


james corcoran said...

Hello Rob

What a great little strip really liked panel 3, and the cloud effect in the first panel.Look forward to reading more soon.

Best wishes


Rob Davis said...

Cheers, James

How goes Full Fathom Five?

Unknown said...

Excellent, more Dinlos! Great to see it, another lovely page and beautifully constructed. Nice jump to the trophy panel, I do like those little moments.

I'm in deadline crunch time too, thus the all-nighter I'm pulling, I suppose I'd better get back to it.

I. N. J. Culbard said...

excellent work. I Love the trophy panel and the lightning punch. Lovely stuff.

Rob Davis said...

Funny how both of you drew attention to the statuette panel that took the least time and consideration. Honestly some of those other panels I agonised over! ;-)

These 3 pages were done from layouts I produced years ago which may have been making everything take longer. As a result I'm dumping the other old Dinlos layouts and half finished pages and drawing them up from the script instead. Hopefully I'll have a few more finished pages done before Xmas.

Unknown said...

It's that quiet moment having a big effect thing going on. That panel adds some mystery and a sense of history to the whole piece. The trophy also looks very cool. All the other paraphernalia fires the imagination - ooh, what's that object and is there a story behind that too?

It's often the case that things you struggle with are taken for granted and appear to be skimmed over by readers but I think that's often a sign you're doing a good job.

james corcoran said...

Slowly Rob, very slowly!

I should have enough two page installments done so I can put them up weekly like an old adventure serial by sometime febuary.Almost finished a short sci fi story which if my job in the real world allows I'll post sometime next week, will let you know.Love to see more Dinlos soon!

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