Monday, 26 April 2010

Judge Dredd

I was wondering aloud on Twitter why Dredd ended up with his squat bodybuilder physique today and that prompted me to want to draw the Judge again (the way I see him). It's been a long time, but I really enjoyed doing this. It's so imprinted on my brain. If Tharg happens to see this, now would be a good time to ask me draw Judge Dredd. Mind you, I'd imagine there's quite a queue.


monkeyfeather said...

Outstanding Dredd man!

james corcoran said...

Great Dredd I have always liked the McMahon style skinnier frame look much more expressive, and the mighty one should snap you up for the prog.

Mark said...

Yeah, Bolland, McMahon, Cam Kennedy: all my favourite Dredds were a bit gangly.

tomfowler said...

just found you via mcdaid on twitter. you've got some beautiful stuff here, rob.

mcmahon, kennedy, parkhouse. i'm seeing all my favourites (with a healthy dollop of rob davis).


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