Monday 26 April 2010

Judge Dredd

I was wondering aloud on Twitter why Dredd ended up with his squat bodybuilder physique today and that prompted me to want to draw the Judge again (the way I see him). It's been a long time, but I really enjoyed doing this. It's so imprinted on my brain. If Tharg happens to see this, now would be a good time to ask me draw Judge Dredd. Mind you, I'd imagine there's quite a queue.


monkeyfeather said...

Outstanding Dredd man!

james corcoran said...

Great Dredd I have always liked the McMahon style skinnier frame look much more expressive, and the mighty one should snap you up for the prog.

Mark Kardwell said...

Yeah, Bolland, McMahon, Cam Kennedy: all my favourite Dredds were a bit gangly.

tomfowler said...

just found you via mcdaid on twitter. you've got some beautiful stuff here, rob.

mcmahon, kennedy, parkhouse. i'm seeing all my favourites (with a healthy dollop of rob davis).


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