Tuesday 5 January 2010

Vengeance of Voldar

And HUZZAH!! book two The Vengeance of Voldar is under way! Read the intro page for a summary of what went before or better still click on 'The Story So Far" and read the whole of 2009's HUZZAH.

These two creatures above are Ambulas, sort of giant frog-like modes of transport, poised to dive into the depths of Voldar in search of treasure. They've been 'borrowed' from a museum by a couple of Belamite Treasure Hunters eager to explore the newly uncovered Voldar. Along for the ride (kidnapped?) is the museum's curator, an elderly Bhahiri woman. I designed these ambulas during an experiment whereby I attempted to sit and draw whilst child minding. these are a couple of the sketches I produced. One just got lifted wholesale to the final art.I actually wrote two pages, but didn't have time to draw both. That's probably a good thing as it leaves what happens next more open for the next contributor.

And talking of contributors, we have a stella list this year. On top the usual crowd, Ian Culbard, Dave Taylor, Faz Choudhury, Colin Fawcett, Paul Harrison Davis, D'Israeli and me, there's PJ Holden, Si Fraser, Warwick Johnson Cadwell, Geraint Ford and Sean Longcroft.

A few new HUZZAHers there. My advice from doing it last year would be - don't think about it, just jump in early, panic for a while and then work out what you will do. The longer it goes on the harder it gets to do your first HUZZAH. The most important thing about HUZZAH though is that the only person who knows what will happen is the artist who is doing the current HUZZAH, soon as it leaves their hand the next person to HUZZAH takes control.


WJC said...

I must admit, it kept me up last night deliberating but you chaps have set the bar pretty high.

james corcoran said...

Great page Rob, good to see Huzzah and the Noir version back up and running.Fantastic designs like something out of Gerry Anderson.

Unknown said...

Love the design.

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