Friday 1 January 2010

Devil or Angel

Happy new year! And happy new HUZZAH!! Just put two new pages up on HUZZAH!!NOIR. It's been crawling along through the second half of 2009 but hopefully the next four months will see the story build at pace.

With Sleepy Jackson already established it's now the turn of his lost wife Rosalie (or is that VĂ©ronique). The best Noir Femme Fatales often have a checkered past and the same is true of Rosalie. I like the idea of her as being a total enigma - she could be either devil or angel. This is epitomised by mine and Ian's pictures of her from Chapter Two. In one she is a killer in the dark, in the other she is a nurse, a saviour in the light. We don't know which is the real Rosalie. We don't know who she is or why she's doing what she's doing. That makes her all the more interesting for me.

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