Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Murderous Maths

Here's an image I finished last week for Murderous Maths. This chap is Urgum the axe wieldingbarbarian, created by the brilliant Kjartan Poskitt. Not sure what kind of style I've ended up with for these covers - I think I started out trying to do an approximation of Philip Reeve's original stuff for this series, but I now seemed to have moved a long way from that.

With that out the way I'm now doing layouts for a 10 page Doctor Who comic strip that will be a bit of a tribute to a true comic genius. Dan McDaid has written me a mad little story full of genius characters. I'm also juggling two other comic strips with the help of Geraint Ford and Faz Choudhury. I'm trying not to keep using the word busy in all my posts, so I'll just say that I'm... fully occupied.


Ade Salmon said...

Looking forward to your Dr Who strip Rob! Space Vikings looks really nice - are wee going into McMahon Slaine territory here as influence?!



Kjartan said...

My daughter somehow googled the words "brilliant Kjartan Poskitt" and found this fabulous site. It's extraordinary that one human can have so many art styles. Next to you Rob, Kjartan Poskitt is rubbish and I should know.

Yours sincerely,

Kjartan Poskitt.

snazal said...

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