Wednesday 1 October 2008

The Day Job

No, I'm not a professional mesmerologist, man of mystery and hokum cloakum dazzler to the stars. I am the bloke wot does the pictures on them Horrible Histories and Murderous Maths books. Well, not all of them. My master and keeper, Martin Brown, still has a hand in pretty much everything horrible in history and Philip Reeve was responsible for all the old Murderous Maths stuff (whatever became of him, eh? Oh, that's right, he went on to write the marvelous Mortal Engines books.) 

Actually, this cover was yesterday's job. These covers don't earn me a fortune, but they are very quick to do - couple of hours at most, so they are a pleasure really. I'm currently doing a full colour 96 page book for MM which is taking considerably longer. And as I have three other books lined up between now and January I should be getting on with it rather than blogging.

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