Wednesday 24 September 2008

Revenge of the Masterplans

I've had to remove these images and connected blog.

I'm having a break from Doctor Who now so I can earn some money. I think I'm in line to draw a strip next year and I may write another one at some point, but for now my Doctor Who magazine work will be limited to doing the spot illustrations for the audio preview page.


Unknown said...

Hi Rob, lovely work and wonderfully varied to boot, you can do all sorts!

Rob Davis said...

Hi Faz

Didn't you work on the Horrible Histories Collection for Eaglemoss?

That job helped pay my rent for a couple of years. I'm sure I remember that you were a regular on it too.



Unknown said...

Yes, I worked on the Eaglemoss HH mag and a bit of Horrible Science as well. I didn't mind the regular bits and pieces coming in from them either, always nice to have something regular when you're a freelancer. I've also done a little bit of inking on Doctor Who in the past which is another thing we have in common.

I'd love to see more of Dinlos and Skilldos. Whilst I wouldn't endorse children smoking fags, it does look very cool.

Rob Davis said...

Just noticed that your Malice family is on my list of books to buy - I'm not good with names, takes a while for the cogs to turn. I saw it in the Essential Guide to World Comics by Tim Pilcher and Brad Brooks - a book everyone who likes comics should own IMHO (even if my own small entry in the book is uncredited).

There will be plenty more Dinlos and Skilldos coming soon, I'm hoping to work out something about the publishing before the year's over, but in the meantime I'll put a few strips on here.

And just for the record - I am not promoting smoking for children. ;-)

Unknown said...

You'll most likely be hard pressed to find The Malice Family anywhere probably because I've still got a ton of 'em in boxes!

Bless Tim and Brad for mentioning it, they were a major part of the Les Cartoonistes Dangereux collective that published The Malice Family, so they're not being entirely unbiased. We were a bunch of mates that decided to start publishing, we put out four books before sensibly calling it a day and reverting back to just being friends.

I'm happy to send you a copy of the book if you'd like one. I'll message you via Flickr and send you my email address.

Rob Davis said...

That'd be great, Faz. I'll send you a cheque.

I've still got a pile of Slang comics that Sean Longcroft and I self-published in 1989-1990. I think we rather optimistically printed too many! They've been helping insulate the loft in all my various homes of the past 18 years.

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