Friday 12 August 2011

Are we nearly there yet?

Tempting fate to talk about finishing something before it's over, but I probably won't get chance on Monday to post anything and I wanted to put this panel up because it's the first panel of the last chapter of Nelson. Truth is I've struggled to get the last chapter done due to an obligation I had to self destruct through June and July. The worst of that seems to be behind me and at last I'm enjoying drawing again. And I'm pretty confident this will done over the weekend in time for Monday's big Nelson pow wow.

This book was my daft idea in the first place and it's kept me company for the past 8 months, rather like a backseat full of screaming kids on a 10 hour car journey. But I absolutely love this book and everyone who has contributed to it. You'll all get to see it soon enough, it is rather amazing.

I owe a special debt to my co-editor Woodrow who has really taken it on his shoulders as I've floundered in the bottom of a whisky glass. Cheers mate. Nearly there now.


Sarah McIntyre said...

Hope it's going well, Rob! Can't wait to see it. Three cheers to you and Woodrow for all your hard work! x

james corcoran said...

Hello Rob just wondering if you'll be selling Don Quixote direct I'd love to get a signed and sketched copy somehow.

Rob Davis said...

Nelson is all done now and heading to the printers this week!

James, will certainly sort something out for you. Let you know nearer the time.

james corcoran said...

Cheers man! Looking forward to it.

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