Monday 2 May 2011

Mark E Smith and the Ramones

I don't know whether you have the dubious pleasure of following me on Twitter, if not you probably won't have seen these scribbles. Comics' savant, Dan Berry, invited fellow twitterers to produce high speed sketches of first the Ramones then Mark E Smith without using reference, these are my results. Mark E Smith is a character so ingrained on my consciousness that it felt like cheating. Alongside Mick McMahon, Mark E Smith helped shape my world view growing up, for better or worse.

The Ramones one included some guesswork, Johnny, Joey and Dee Dee were fixed in my head but 'the other one' was guesswork. I used the remaining ink for a 'drawing without reference' idea of my own, the Samuel Beckett below. Probably has to rank as the quickest drawing I've done, took about 20 seconds I suppose.
As you can see below I did it on the inside back cover of my sketch pad because it was shiny and would resist the ink. I may do something wild and inky in the near future, these were a lot of fun to do.


shane oakley said...

spot-on, rob. mr.smith especially.

back then he influenced my 'attitude choice', haircut and all.

do more of these, they're brill!

Ade Salmon said...

Had to google Mark E Smith - never 'eard of him! Nice quick drawings tho' pal.


Jet Simian said...

Well, they're all brilliant, but your Beckett is Amazing! I can't believe you did that without references...

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