Monday 27 December 2010

Inside Soap

Here are some of the soap cartoons I've done over the past year for Inside Soap magazine. If you don't watch soap operas this probably won't mean a lot to you. Actually I don't watch them myself but I'm always well briefed by my editor, Gary Gillat. Most of the images are his ideas.

These pics are vaguely in the right order and you can see the point where I tried something different (the axe one), Gary liked it so much we changed approach from there on and ended up with images that are more interesting and often quite surreal.


Mark Kardwell said...

That's a top-selling litho right there, if only you knew where to advertise to the crazy people who watch soap operas. Maybe outside the National TV Awards like a Big Issue seller?

Pickledjo said...

I love them. I only watch one soap (Coronation Street) but recognise all the characters. Do you have a site with them all bigger for me to look at?
Jo x

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