Wednesday 11 August 2010

Drawing Matt Smith

With my Solipsistic Pop story done I am back on the inks for the Xmas Doctor Who Magazine strip. Having fun/nightmares doing the new Doctor, Matt Smith. Likenesses are always a bit tricky and the more information you put down on paper the more lines there are to get wrong and the less chance you have of a likeness. Unless you want a tracing a photo of course, but that has it's own inherent problems - the characters tend to look like mime artists or wax dummies rather than real people.

I've scratched about a bit with Smith. Any successes I had with the last Doctor came from finding a 'silhouette', a shape that I could use to make him a cartoon character. I'm still searching for that with Smith, although I can see him clearer now than when I started - his hair's a puzzle that takes some thought. And for someone with a long face he has a very short face. If you know what I mean (!?).

We'll, I've given him a long face now even if he doesn't have one. One of the reasons I needed to find that cartoon shape for him is so as I can have him doing extreme faces like the one below. I'd never find a photo of him doing that.

1 comment:

Loo Read said...

Looks great, I can't imagine how difficult it is to capture a real person.
What drawing tools are you using?

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