Wednesday 21 April 2010

Doctor Who meets The Beatles

Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) meets John Lennon with the Doctor looking nervously on.
Donna asks for John's autograph:
John: Is it for your daughter, missus?
Donna: No, it's for me mum y'cheeky sod!
Time travel gag. I wrote that. Well, I thought it was funny. Moving on.

These are some inks from the Doctor Who strip Time of My Life written by Jonny Morris. He's working on another script for me to draw right now which should appear at Christmas. This will be the 4th script by Jonny I've illustrated and I like to think we work together pretty well. Time of My Life featured the Doctor taking Donna to the Cavern club to see the early Beatles. This was probably the hardest page in the whole strip. (Click to enlarge!)

The Doctor drags Donna away from the pre-Ringo Beatles

And there's Pete Best on Drums. The Doctor and Donna are far right.

Comic art geek fact: all these inks were done with an Edding 1800 0.3 and 0.1. I used so much black in this strip it made it very difficult to colour. Actually I wanted the Beatles page to remain black and white.

After there visit to the Cavern Club the Doctor and Donna whizz off to some future dystopia populated by vampire goths.

This next story I'm doing for Doctor Who Magazine will be my 8th Doctor Who strip, I've written three and this will be the fifth I've drawn. It will be my first attempt at an 11th Doc strip. I'm looking forward to drawing Matt Smith, but I have to say I quite enjoyed drawing David Tennant. I always felt that he looked right as a comic character. In fact, the more 'realistic' the representation of him was the less it looked like him.

Last panel from Time of My Life.


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That 'last panel' is a beauty.

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