Friday 12 March 2010


Like one of those befuddled marathon runners staggering about embarrassingly on the home straight, I am approaching the finish line on the Horrible Histories book and looking forward to the foil blanket and Lucozade. Next on the to do list though are two things I've been looking forward to, one is the Don Quixote pitch and the other is a short story adaption I've been asked to do. Above is a panel from the most famous scene in Don Quixote. I'm trying out 4B pencils instead of inks. Good fun doing stuff on paper again, although I have a nasty habit of hitting cmd Z to 'undo' any mistakes.


james corcoran said...

Very nice Rob, I tried inking with a darker pencil for a while it gives a really nice feel to the lines but I'm to much of a messy bastard to make it work.

Studiotoad said...

Hey Rob

What's the HH job you're on?

I'm with James ^ I'm too scribbly to artwork with pencil!

Rob Davis said...

Cheers chaps.

Dave, the HH book is the big format history of Britain one. I finished last friday. No idea when it's out.

I'm starting to wonder if I'm not a bit too scribbly myself btw

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