Wednesday 24 February 2010

Don Quixote

These are a few sketches of Don Quixote I did this morning. I did them in Manga studio using a mid-tone ground and then working in a black layer and white layer on top. This is all for a pitch I was working on a while back that may yet have legs.
Something I rarely give myself time to do properly is design a character, I tend to work them out on the page as I go. Below is a page of designs I did earlier for Don Quixote. I really enjoyed the process and I've been allowing myself a another bash at the Don as a reward when I finish some of the less fun work I have on at the moment. That makes me sound like a drawaholic... which is probably true.

1 comment:

james corcoran said...

Really nice to see all your different attempts and the process behind them the final ones are great.

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