Thursday 28 January 2010

Man Out Of Time (Zuda strip)

This is a strip I wrote and drew for Zuda, but I never quite finished it (page 6 is only half done). So anyway here it is for you all to read.

Actually, page six shows how organically these pages were made (I really don't like what there is of page six though). There was very little pencilling as I was drawing them straight into manga and keeping the improvisational feel to it. I had an idea of where it was all going, but I wanted to give it some the HUZZAH feeling of not knowing what was coming next.


SiFraser said...

It's brilliant and they are FOOLS!
( sorry Kwanza but you know it's true! )

Rob Davis said...

Hi Simon

They've never seen it, so can't really use this as evidence of their foolishness ;-)

Truth is I've got so many projects on the go I just don't know what to do with it.

Glad you like it though.

the erudite baboon said...

This is brilliant - I especially love the muted palette.

james corcoran said...

Looks great i remember thinking when I saw the original post that it might be for Zuda. It's a shame you didn't take it further but on a plus point you've got too much work on to get to it.

paulhd said...

It's still a lovely piece of work. I hope you find time to revisit it someday.

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