Tuesday 10 November 2009

Cardinal and the Nun with two guns

The Nun With Two Guns was created by Warwick Johnson Cadwell. He has possibly the best illustration blog on the net, he's a very clever chap. Anyway, I was rather taken with his nun and thought I'd do a version of the Egon Schiele painting 'Cardinal and the nun' with the NWTG. Here's the real deal below.

Just noticed that I commented on WJC's blog at 21:25 and posted this at 23:45 which is an exact record of the time it took between having the idea and posting the final art.


WJC said...

Thanks for the grand words but that is an incredible work.

monkeyfeather said...

Stunningly GORGEOUS!

Studiotoad said...


and so quick too.

(grrr, grumble....)

Fred Blunt said...

I love the blood splattering out the cardinal :)

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