Friday 16 October 2009

Batman for Nige

I don't normally do superheroes, but a mate of mine is unwell and it was suggested to me that he would like it if I did him a Batman 'sketch'. Don't know that I've drawn Batman since I was a kid, so it took a bit of thinking about and ended up being a bit more than a sketch.

This is continuing my experiments at trying my no outlines style in Manga Studio with some aging effects for good measure. I'm no Batman expert, but I wanted to do an old style Batman with the batwings attached to his wrists and have him preparing for a dust up with some 1940s goons in a disused warehouse. I also wanted him to have an old fashioned approach to fighting, sort of 'sock on the jaw' rather than some kung fu-free running-pepsi max-matrix palaver.

Anyway, here's hoping Nige gets well soon.


Unknown said...

It's Bat-tastic!

I know you'll loathe me forever for that comment but I made it anyway. Must be the Pepsi Max.

Beautiful colours, lovely shapes and marvelous spengers too. They should spread jam on their shoes and invite their trousers to tea.

Unknown said...

I completely neglected to wish your friend all the best, very remiss of me. Here's to a speedy recovery.

james corcoran said...

Brilliant Rob! You draw a great goon.

Simon said...

Pure class - love it!

shane oakley said...

what a beaut! the pose, the colours, the batman chin, the classic goons and the killer composition.

...and your no-outline experiment, I'd call it a roaring success.


Darryl Cunningham said...

Quite brilliant.

Ade Salmon said...

Great vintage pulp feel ! - I could see this style working great for The Shadow ( since you've already done The Spirit sort of:)


paulhd said...

Lovely work, Rob. Hope it help's your friend get better.

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