Monday 28 September 2009

I got the blues (and the purples)

I'm currently co writing 5 strips for Weldon Owen with Faz Choudhury which I'll shortly start drawing, plus I've started work on the BBC Merlin books and some caricatures for Inside Soap magazine. I've also squeezed in a couple of things for myself. Above is one of a number of colour tests I've been trying out for Dinlos (this is a redone panel from H.G.Smells). And below is a tiny peek at my 4 page strip for the Comica/Cape/Observer Graphic Short Story Prize.

They insist on printed pages rather than digital files, and I've had a nightmare reproducing these colours on paper. If (when) I lose I'll post the whole strip on the blog and you can judge for yourself. Actually, I think this competition is a great idea, I can't wait to see other people's stories and doing it has certainly given me some freedom to experiment. I feel like someone's mum saying "we're all winners", but if doing this forces you to do what you want and get it done then the prize itself is secondary.


Studiotoad said...

Loving the blue Rob. Is that Merlin for Random House... that I made a hash of earlier in the year?

james corcoran said...

My you are a busy man! Looking forward to more Dinlos, Good luck with the Observer/Cape thing.

Best wishes James

Rob Davis said...

Hey Dave
Yes, this is the same series of books that you did books one and two for. I wouldn't say you made a hash of it at all! I quite like what what I've seen, I didn't realise you did comics.

Cheers James, more Dinlos pages are on their way. I promise...

Studiotoad said...

Ha ha- you're too kind Rob.

No, comics are a bit of a stretch for me- would love to do more but I'm not quick enough, and I need to do more homework!!

I'm glad to hear it's you doing the other books- I'm looking forward to seeing it.

shane oakley said...

bloomin lovely, rob! works sooooooooo well.

always, bin a big fan of using spot colour, for me it comes from old school books, 70's annuals and the early MIGHTY WORLD OF MARVEL.

very keen to see the strip(best of luck!)and more DINLOS.

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