Thursday 29 January 2009

Here comes the knight

Have no fear, Zhadira, back up is on its way! Or not. 

This is my latest HUZZAH!! page. I wanted to introduce Baron Kazam at some point and this seemed like a good place for us to find him. The Baron leapt into my mind as soon as we started HUZZAH, he seems very familiar. I like that, he triggers all sorts of associations in my head - Don Quixote, Flash Gordon, Arzach, Dan Dare, Baron Munchausen etc etc - a kind of conglomeration of 30's sci fi, 70s fantasy and chivalric romance. I can't say too much in case I bias my fellow HUZZAHers, because who he is and what he does will be as much down to them as it is to me. He seems to be light years away from Zhadira and her problems at the moment, I quite like that.

I went for a bright, flat coloured look, something with a pulp sci fi comic feel. Even the aliens look a bit 1950s in places. The fight booth is based on Ron Taylor's Boxing Booth that appears at the Dorset Steam Fair every year. 


james corcoran said...

Great work Rob!

Love the Baron and the intriqing possibilities for adventure that his arrival conjures,the demon/fight promoter is genius too.

Best wishes James

I. N. J. Culbard said...

I do love the tone set in this new chapter. And the mysterious fire opal grows even more mysterious. That's three of the blighters kicking around so far. Who are they and where are they from?!!? Only time will tell.

Rob Davis said...

I have my own theory (you won't be surprised to hear), but I'm more interesting in other people's ideas for now... Strange experience being a reader of something and the creator from time to time. I can't think of anything else quite like it.

Mark Kardwell said...

Nice helmet, too.

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