Tuesday 16 September 2008

I am a Dinlo

Had a bit of a disaster yesterday - it seems I accidentally saved my lo res crop of the Kackernory titles over the file containing the whole page of artwork. As a result I lost a whole page of finished artwork... forever. With stiff upper lip and socks pulled up to my hips I spent the evening redrawing the tile panel. It gave me the chance to fix a few things and add a few things. I've replaced the horrid comic sans lettering with one of Mr Langridge's lovely fonts (thanks, Roger) and I've fiddled about with the title so it stands off the page a bit better.

Actually, I just dropped a grey cut out of my titles onto the page and that's where it landed. I left it there. It made me think of carnies and river gypsies, which, given that the story is about a Gypsy family, is perfect. In fact it has a daubed look that I remember from my own Grandfather's decorations on his wagon. He never did any lettering because he couldn't read or write, but he painted flowers and spirals onto everything in that classic Victorian fairground style. Victory snatched from the jaws of defeat.  
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