Monday 30 August 2010

The Doctor and Amy Pond

I've finished the inks for the Xmas Doctor Who Magazine strip and handed over to Geri for colours. I tend to be very hands on about colour work and I must be a nightmare to work with. Fortunately, Geri and I have been friends for 26 years and he puts up with me as well as anyone. I don't want to give away too much about Jonny Morris's wonderful story, so here's a brief glimpse. Above is the first panel.

This a screen shot of something from the middle of the story. Can see what it is yet?

And this is from the last page. I finished the inks for this late last night, I have the whiskers and red eyes to prove as much, and I just need to check I haven't missed anything. After a bit of a tidy up I can start work writing the script for Don Quixote Volume One...


Abi. said...

Absolutely gorgeous, I love that last panel! Can't wait to read the finished thing.

0tralala said...

Lovely! Though I do hope those aren't Vikings with horns on their helmets. Hth, Simon.

Rob Davis said...

Thanks Abi.

Simon, cheers. After years of illustrating history books I wouldn't draw vikings with horns, unless it was the intention ;-).

Wait and see.

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