Saturday, 3 July 2010

Something old, something new...

Another excellent season of Doctor Who ends with a big ol' finale-doodah and I'm drawing my latest Who strip. Happy days. Above is an image I did for the beeb of one of my favourite finales - that whole Doomsday-Doc-and-Rose-on-opposite-sides-of-reality thing. Below is a pic of new Doc Matt Smith from my latest roughs for the DWM Xmas story. Had to ditch this image as it didn't flow so well in the scene (see that's comics' professionalism for you).

I started drawing strips for DWM in 2008 (I'd been writing for them since 2006), my first task was to design a strip version of Donna, played by Catherine Tate, for the two strips I was going to do - Immortal Emperor and Time of my Life. Here's what I sent over:

The next job was to design a terrecotta android version of Chinese Emperor Qin. Here are a couple of those designs, more of these feature in the commentary at the back of The Widow's Curse Graphic Novel.
And that's one the pages of pencils I did for that strip. I pencil in photoshop for strips like this. Below is one of those step by step things showing a page go from from roughs, to pencils, to inks, to colour. The inks here are done in the traditional pen and paper method.


james corcoran said...

Really like the inking on the strip, and a nice rendition of the 11th Dr who I imagine is not that easy to capture.

jon haward said...

fab blog really glad i found ya :-)

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