Tuesday 30 March 2010

The Dalkey Archive

I'm unable to put up any of the work I've done recently. I'm still in negotiation over a book deal and it wouldn't be right to publish the pitch on a blog. So, in the meantime, here's something from the psychedelic depths of the mid-nineties. This is an illustration from the The Dalkey Archive by brilliant Flann O'Brien. This is the bit where mad scientist De Selby meets Saint Augustine in an underwater cave somewhere near Dublin.
This represents my early attempts at getting away from comics and into illustration. This was the only picture I ever did in this style. But there is something about it. I'm particularly fond of De Selby's diving suit.


james corcoran said...

Thats a great image Rob, I am not familiar with the text having only ever read the Third Policeman. I agree about the mask/scuba suit maybe you can use it again elsewhere. Is the publishing deal for Dinlos?

Rob Davis said...

Not Dinlos, no. This is for a recent pitch. One way or another all will be revealed soon. I hope.

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