Thursday 11 February 2010

Mind the Gap!

Work in progress on page one of The Inverted Coma

Every freelancer's nightmare is approaching me - a gap in the schedule!! Best way to deal with this is to panic, start digging up old science fiction stories and draw frantically. Well, that's my way of coping. Since I found out I had a dreaded 'gap' approaching I've been drawing this page above in my spare time, if all else fails I'll send the finished story to people and hope to get some work. In the meantime I'm sending out old stuff like this:


Ade Salmon said...

At least you've got an agent Rob! I do appreciate what you are saying though - only too well ! I tend to get on with things I've been wanting to do between panic attacks.:)


james corcoran said...

Why not try punting "Man out of Time" at Tharg, for what it's worth I reckon you would do a brilliant Robo Hunter.

Ade Salmon said...

James - I've said this before - Rob is *perfect* for Sam Slade!


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