Monday 30 November 2009

Mother Of Pearl

This is page one of Mother of Pearl from Dinlos and Skilldos. You may have no idea what Dinlos and Skilldos is or may just be wondering why it takes me so long to get on with it. Here is my first ever blog post explaining. The only thing that has changed is my opinion of the term Graphic Novel which I can live with now. If you click on the label Dinlos below this post you can see the rest of the book so far.

I finished Merlin Book 5 on Friday and did this page on Saturday and Sunday night. The script was written about two years ago, and as with other Dinlos scripts it has been sat waiting for me to find the time draw it and/or stop procrastinating about how to approach the artwork. Each character in Dinlos has their own colour to help with switching between story threads. As I've mentioned before, the idea here is to use the structure of an old Fleetway annual like Whizzer and Chips as the structure for the novel.

I'd like to say the second page will be up soon, but I have six pages of wrestling Spartans, six pages of Galileo and some covers to do in December. I'll try and squeeze it in before xmas if I can.


james corcoran said...

Brilliant page! Glad to see the return of Dinlos.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Now I want to read the entire story XD. Great page!


Rob Davis said...

Cheers James. I'm determined to get Dinlos done eventually so it should make a few more returns yet.

Hi Tati
Just had a look at your blog some lovely images on there, real variety. Glad you want to read on, that means a lot. Cheers.

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