Sunday 18 January 2009


Here's a big old rumpus from my latest HUZZAH!! plate. Seems like Zhadira's not too keen on being 'mapped'. The first 6 full pages of the story are here to read.

So far HUZZAH!! seems fairly coherent to me, I hope that's the case for anyone stumbling upon it on their web travels. Although it's essentially a game I can't help but want to make the whole thing make sense. I thought I'd be spilling my brains into it with dada-esque abandon, using HUZZAH!! as something to catch the overflow, instead I'm busying about like my Nan tidying up loose ends and keeping everything just-so. I guess my overriding  motivation in life is 'story' - I want to find out what the story is and pass it on. I'm really enjoying my part in HUZZAH!! I hope it's as much fun for anyone reading along with us as it is to make.

Here's my other plate. (Look at me tidying things away!) I guess the trick from a writing point of view with HUZZAH!! is knowing when to tidy up loose ends and when to leave them dangling (FNARR FNARR!). It's the difference between a loose end and a hook.


james corcoran said...

Hi Rob

Your latest panel is great and what a brilliant line!This looks like being a cracking strip.

Best wishes

Mark Kardwell said...

I loved how ROUND ROBIN got further and further out, pulled all over the place by everyone involved, and look forward to the same thing happening here.

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